Vario Safety Barrier

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Obstructions and excavations should be adequately guarded at all times for the protection of the working staff and the traffic participants. Horizontal boards should be striped in alternate red and white reflective sheeting. Barricades should be stable in adverse weather conditions and preferably be equipped with road danger lamps for best nighttime visibility. Pedestrian keep-off barricades shall have a lower board close to ground level, in order to prevent children from crawling beneath and also to provide a tapping board for the white cane of the visually impaired. Barricades should not cause excessive damage to vehicles, if struck. Other than impact resistant but flexible plastic, wood or steel should not be used as they constitute a serious hazard. Pedestrian barricades must be robust enough to guard pedestrians from traffic, excavations or work machinery; they should be placed on heavyweight bases to prevent pedestrians from falling into the excavation.

  • No bending and breaking
  • Tubular posts 42 mm Ø, replaceable
  • Acc. to TL-Absperrschranken and ZTV-SA

  • WITHOUT lamp holders
  • For longitudinal fence-off
  • Lamp holders optional