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Longitudinal Separator, Guide Curb
Longitudinal Separator, Guide Curb
Longitudinal Separator, Guide Curb


"Fed up with fakes? Go for the original!"

The single separator units are connected with a very solid
moulded-in metal hook.
The stable, but flexible connection guarantees enough
clearance in order to set up different curves (90°-angle to
about 11 x 11m).
The manifold anti-skid system on the bottom of each unit
ensures an excellent laying stability on the road surface. It
can be easily exchanged after abrasion.
The horizont klemmfix separator does not have to be glued
or screwed to the road.  
In the contrary to road studs or road marking tapes, no
residuals of glue are left on the lane. This avoids the danger
of so-called phantom markings.
Built-in one-size-fits-all slot accepts all delineators, type
Lateral climbing edges allow vehicles firstly to climb on-
and secondly to press down the separator whilst driving
over. This aids position stability to the separator.
The reflective arch with 14 cats‘ eyes reflectors, depicts
the raised profile. This helps in particular motorcyclists to
notice an elevation on the lane, especially at night.
* Certified by the BASt TL-Leitelemente
    Cert. No.: 94 5 S 001/LU
* Certified by the BASt TL-Leitelemente
    Cert. No.: 3194   

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